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November 29, 2015

9.00 am Preparation
9.30 am Sow Hsin Chen - Early days
  Mike Rowe (University of Maryland and National Institute of Standards and Technology)
10.00 am Retrospective of a Long and Distinguished Career
  Sidney Yip  (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
10.30 am Coffe Break
11.00 am Experimental Tests of the Liquid-Liquid Phase Transition Hypothesis
  H. Eugene Stanley  (Boston University and Boston University School of Medicine)
11.30 am Atomistic Origin of Viscosity and Shear Thinning
  Takeshi Egami (University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
12.00 pm Lunch (Courtesy of Prof. Ju Li, Nuclear Science and Engineering Department, MIT)
1.00 pm The Boson Peak in Confined Water
  Francesco Mallamace (Università di Messina, Italy)
1.30 pm 25 Years of  Science with Sow-Hsin
  Piero Baglioni (Università di Firenze, Italy)
2.00 pm Microscopic Dynamics of Hydration Water in Aqueous Solutions of Lysozyme and Trehalose upon Cooling
  Paola Gallo (Università Roma Tre, Italy)
2.20 pm Coffee Break
2.50 pm How much time does it take to measure slow relaxations in water?
  Eugene Mamontov (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
3.10 pm Neutron spectroscopy of ultra-confined water
  Alexander Kolesnikov (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
3.30 pm Structure and phase transitions in metallic glasses
  Xun-Li Wang (City University of Hong Kong)
7.00 pm Chinese Banquet (The organizers thank the Nuclear Science and Engineering Department, MIT for hosting this event)

Joyful Garden (location: 1234 Soldiers Field Road, Brighton, MA 02135)